Vet Diagnosis in Soham, Ely & Mildenhall

We pride ourselves on the quality of our veterinary diagnosis, especially x-rays. Suitable for all shapes, sizes and types of pets, our state-of-the-art digital radiography equipment allows us to take exceptional radiographs to aid the diagnosis of your pets. For more information about our veterinary surgery, and the vet diagnosis we provide, please contact our Mildenhall surgery on 01638 717 871 or our Soham surgery on 01353 722 711.

Pet Ultrasound & Pregnancy Scans for Pets

Our pet ultrasound machine is used for multiple purposes, including cat and dog pregnancy scans and investigating internal issues in all pets. The pet ultrasound machine also provides internal high-resolution images of soft tissues and internal organs, making it suitable for cat, dog and all animal pregnancy scans and diagnoses, as well as providing a non-invasive view of structures within the abdomen.

Blood tests for dogs, cats & other pets

We provide blood tests for dogs, cats and other animals as part of our veterinary diagnosis service as well as cat, dog and other animal pregnancy scans. Our in-house laboratory provides us with blood and urine test results within the hour. We can also perform microscopic examinations of urine and tissue samples. We offer a ‘late’ service, where our courier collects samples to go to the laboratory overnight.

Treatment for Heart Disease in Dogs & Cats

Our veterinary ECG machine (for enhanced sensitivity) and blood pressure monitor can be used to assess dog, cat and other heart complications and heart functionality as part of our vet diagnosis service.

Diagnostic 1
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Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary Surgery Across Mildenhall & Soham, Ely Our fully-equipped veterinary theatre is a place most clients don't see. In this room, we carry out all our veterinary surgery procedures, from routine neutering and spaying to more complicated soft tissue procedures and orthopaedics. Our qualified nurses ensure the smooth running of every aspect in the veterinary... Read more »

Nurse Clinics

Nurse Veterinary Clinics in Mildenhall & Soham All the veterinary nurses working at Aquarius Vet Centre are qualified and registered with the RCVS. Our veterinary nurses assist vets at our veterinary clinics across Mildenhall, Ely and Soham, helping with operations, anaesthetics, X-Rays, blood samples and lab samples - and that's only a small sample of... Read more »

Animal Diagnostics

Animal Diagnostics We use up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic techniques such as animal acupuncture to investigate a wide range of conditions. The services we cover for animal diagnostics and animal acupuncture include: Animal Skin disease Reproductive disorders in animals Long term management of joint disease Liver  and kidney disease Heart disease Thyroid conditions Diabetes Epilepsy Animal... Read more »