24 Hour Vets in Mildenhall covering Cambridge, Ely and Suffolk

Our 24 hour emergency vet service will generally be seen at our Mildenhall vet centre. When we are unable to provide cover, we use the services of Vets 24 (a specialist 24 hour emergency vet hospital) based in Milton and Whittlesford. Ideal for those searching for an 24 hour vet in Mildenhall, Cambridge and Suffolk in an emergency.

To contact our 24 hour on-duty emergency vet, dial your usual surgery number and the voicemail message will provide the number of our emergency vet.

For more information about the 24 hour emergency vet service we use, please visit Vet 24 Hour.

There will be a fee for emergency consultations which can be discussed with the 24 hour vet on call.

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