Why are we worried? Recently, it has been reported that Babesia has been diagnosed in four dogs in Essex, which has caused a great deal of concern. This condition is common in some other countries – notably southern Europe but is not normally seen in the UK. Previous cases have been seen in dogs that… Read more »

Parvovirus – could your puppy be at risk?

Canine Parvovirus disease (CPV)Canine parvovirus is a small, but extremely hardy virus that can survive in the environment for long periods of time – months or even years.The disease first emerged as an epidemic in the 1970s, killing thousands of dogs before an effective vaccine became available. Although no longer present in epidemic proportions, parvovirus… Read more »

Fleas in Your Pet

‘Scientists from the British Pest Control Association are predicting an ‘explosion’ of flea activity in UK homes over the next few weeks, as the temperature and humidity rates are set to reach the ideal climate for fleas to awaken and breed’ report the Daily Mail. Flea numbers have increased over the last few years due… Read more »