Our fully equipped theatre is the area most clients do not see. In this room we carry out all our surgical procedures from routine neutering to more complicated soft tissue surgery and orthopaedics. Our qualified nurses ensure the smooth running of the theatre. We have modern anaesthetic equipment and use only the safest anaesthetic medicines,... Read more »


Our ‘state of the art’ digital radiography equipment allows us to take exceptional radiographs to aid diagnosis – we pride ourselves in the quality of our xrays. Our ultrasound machine can provide us with high resolution images of soft tissues such as the internal organs – this can be used to aid pregnancy diagnosis as... Read more »


We can offer a wide range of medical and surgical treatments here at Aquarius, as well as routine dentistry, but will always recommend referral for those pets that have particularly complex needs that would be best dealt with by a specialist. We have several excellent referral practices close by who are happy to take emergency… Read more »

Nurse Clinics

All the nurses working at Aquarius Vet Centre are qualified and registered with the RCVS.  Not only do they assist the vets with operations, monitor anaesthetics, take Xrays, take blood samples and run lab samples (a small sample of the behind the scenes work our nurses do), they are the ones that will spend time... Read more »


We use up to date diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to investigate a wide range of conditions including: Skin disease Reproductive disorders Long term management of joint disease Liver  and kidney disease Heart disease Thyroid conditions Diabetes Epilepsy We use acupuncture, to complement conventional veterinary medicine, to improve the health and well-being of our patients.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Emergency out of hours consultations will generally be seen at our Mildenhall branch. On occasions when we are not able to provide cover , we use the services of Vets 24 (a specialist 24 hour emergency hospital) based in Milton or Whittlesford. The number of the vet on duty can be accessed by dialling your… Read more »