Veterinary Surgery

Our fully equipped theatre is the area most clients do not see. In this room, we carry out all our surgical procedures from routine neutering to more complicated soft tissue surgery and orthopaedics. Our qualified nurses ensure the smooth running of the theatre.

Reliable Veterinary Care & Operations

We have modern anaesthetic equipment and use only the safest anaesthetic medicines, with anaesthetic monitoring carried out by trained and experienced staff and aided, when necessary, by ECG and pulse oximetric (blood oxygen) measurements.

Dog, Cat & Rabbit Teeth Cleaning

Our ultrasonic dental descaler, drill and polisher are used to perform dental procedures and we also have special dental equipment for rabbits.

Fluid Replacement Surgery

We use special pumps to administer our fluid replacement therapy. These ensure that the correct amount of fluid is given at the correct rate which makes it much safer for your pet

Our heated tables ensure that your pet is kept at a constant temperature throughout its procedure, as elderly, young and very poorly pets are prone to low body temperatures during an anaesthetic.