Vet Diagnosis – Scans, X-rays & Blood Tests

Animal x-rays suitable for all shapes and sizes, our ‘state of the art; digital radiography equipment allows us to take exceptional radiographs to aid the diagnosis of your pets. We pride ourselves in the quality of our x-rays.

Ultrasounds -Pregnancy scans for pets

Used for multiple purposes, from cat and dog pregnancy scans to investigating internal issues, our ultrasound machine can provide us with high-resolution images of soft tissues and internal organs. This makes the machine suitable to aid pregnancy diagnosis, as well as providing a non-invasive view of structures within the abdomen.

Blood tests for dogs, cats & other pets

We provide blood tests for dogs, cats and other animals and our in-house laboratory provide us with blood and urine test results within the hour. We can also perform microscopic examinations of urine and tissue samples and offer a ‘late’ service, where our courier collects samples to go to the laboratory overnight.

Dog & cat heart complications

Our veterinary ECG machine (for enhanced sensitivity) and a blood pressure monitor can be used to assess dog, cat and other heart complications and heart functionality.